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How To Measure Your Suit Size

How To Measure Your Suit Size Daily Haute

Overwhelmed by suit sizes? What do all those numbers mean? What's a classic fit?  We'll show you how to find your perfect size step-by step. Follow our handy guide and get fitted for your perfect size!

STEP 1: Find your length.

Braveman suits come in three lengths: short, regular, and long.

All pants come with an extra few inches of length so you can customize your length with your local tailor.
  • Short: 5'' 4' to 5'' 7' tall
  • Regular: 5'' 8' to 6'' 2' tall
  • Long: 6'' 2' to 6'' 5' tall

STEP 2: Measure your chest

Put on your favorite fitting dress shirt. A loose-fitting t-shirt can also work in a pinch. Get a fabric tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your chest under your armpits, keeping the tape level. It may be easier to have a buddy help you. The number on the tape measure will be your suit size. If they number is 36, you wear size 36. If you're an odd number like 37, round up to the next even number like 38.

diagram of where to measure for a suit

STEP 3: What about waist size?

All Braveman suits have what's called a "standard drop" which means the waist size is 6" less than the jacket size.

So if your size measures 38, the pants that come with the suit will be 32 inches. Every body is different, so a great tailor can adjust your Braveman to be a perfect fit.

STEP 4: Classic or slim-fit?

Braveman suits come in two different fits, classic or slim-fit.

Classic fit is a roomier, true-to-size cut in the chest and body. Choose this fit if you have a broader chest or shoulders. This cut may require more tailoring to get the perfect fit.

Slim-fit is a European style . Choose this if you have a slimmer build or prefer to do less tailoring. It will have more of a fitted look off the rack.


STEP 5: Check our size guide below for more details.

braveman suiting size guide

STEP 6: Shop our suit selection!

We know fit doesn't always work out, that's why we offer returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. We know you'll love our quality and come back to purchase again and again.